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privacy statement

Read all the nitty-gritty, down-in-the-weeds details here.  Also, since our website is built and hosted on a Wix platform, you may want to read their statement as well, here.

The basics of our policy include:

  • Not sharing your information with third parties for intent to sell or solicit you

  • Not sending you emails or solicitations ourselves that don't involve your consent

  • Always erring on the side of extreme caution when your information is collected

  • When engaging in any financial transaction, always with your approval of funds and with your knowledge of purpose.

  • Never sharing account information, logins, passwords or other identifiers with anyone or any other business

  • When collecting analytic data, collecting it for our personal use and solely for purpose of designing our services better

  • With regard to social media companies linked to our website, please be advised that if you are logged into an account, they may or may not track your visit to our site

  • You have the right, at any time, to contact us to have your information deleted from any data collection we have done. 

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